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Complex removal of  fungus — inside and outside

  • 2in1

    Mikocin complex removes itch, smell and returns to legs their elastic view

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    Mikocin tablets destroy all types of fungus on nails and skin

  • 2

    Mikocin gel recovers skin and creates on it a protective barrier

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Fungus is a dangerous infection

which endangers you and your relatives, as with every new day fungus results in

Hard forms of allergies.

May appear strong reaction to usual food, clothes, hygiene products

Lost of nail and amputation of finger

After complete destruction of nail,
fungus spreads on finger,
which results in its amputation

Serious injury of internal organs

Can result in injury
of brain, blindness, liver, kidney
and heart failure

Statistics: Every 60 seconds doctors diagnose dangerous injuries
of internal organs, caused by fungus

Why the majority of anti-fungus remedies are less-effective


They promise that can remove from fungus during less than a month, even though it's impossible.


Nail is a stratum corneum of the skin.
It has no living cells. The part of the nail, which is already affected by fungus, can't recover until its full regrowth. The only way to cure the fungus is to suppress its spread all the time
until the nail grows back.

It takes 4-6 months.

External remedies

Able to eliminate the external manifestations of the fungus. (creams, varnishes, plasters)


The focus of infection
The focus of infection is under the nail plate, and external means are not able to reach it - they act only on the upper layer of the nail, so they are not able to get rid of the fungus.o improve their effectiveness, it is recommended cut the nail completely,
but it is painful, ugly and does not guarantee recovery.

Internal remedies

Kill fungal infection in the body. (tablets, sachets, drops)


Can affect only
with long-term use
(3-4 months). During this time,
internal remedies in 93% of cases cause serious
damage to the liver,
cause rash, swelling, diarrhea, vomiting. In addition, each remedy is effective
only against one group
of fungus from 4000 types.

Even if you use external and internal remedies at the same time, it does not guarantee
getting rid of the fungus:
they can conflict with each other in composition and block the action
of each other or be ineffective against your type of fungus.

Mikocin - the latest remedy of French military medicine

for a complex attack on all types of fungus!

The Mikocin complex was developed by special order of the French Foreign legion in 2017 to protect legionnaires from fungal infections. The military department estimated that the fungus not only reduces the combat capability of the Legion units, but also requires a lot of funds for the treatment and rehabilitation of the military.

In French Guiana, where soldiers are trained and serve in the jungle, the problem of fungus was particularly acute. Extreme humidity and army shoes are ideal conditions for the spread of fungal infections. They reduced the morale and disabled the best legionnaires.

The total introduction and use of the Mikocin complex allowed the legion to get rid of the fungus problem and raise their combat power

The complex of internal and external remedies

created by innovative technologies, allows to get rid of and protect yourself from the fungus

Internal use –

  • Active ingredients easily fall into the site of infection

  • The structure of the fungus cells
    is destroyed

  • Reproduction of the fungus is oppressed

  • Thanks to natural ingredients, does not harm
    internal organs

Fungus disappears without a trace

External use –

  • Thanks to the gel-base
    Mikocin affects on the deep layers of nail and skin tissue

  • Sites of fungal infection are blocked

  • The unpleasant symptoms of the fungus are gradually decreased

  • A protective barrier is created on the skin that prevents re-infection

Nail grows healthy and strong

Each element of the complex effectively resists fungal infection alone.
But it is the Mikocin complex that will reliably save you from fungus and protect you from relapses.

Honored dermatologist of Lebanon Dinar Sahim
recommends Mikocin complex

“The remedy, which has already helped 13000+ people

Mikocin is the only complex that kills all types of fungus. The remedy is inexpensive, absolutely safe and at the same time has a phenomenal efficiency. It helps to get rid of the fungus to people who have to wear low-quality closed shoes for a long time. And also those who have long suffered from a fungal infection.

Many doctors often think about their benefits and act on medical corporations desires. They recommend expensive, ineffective remedies that often harm the body. I, first of all, think about the health of the patient and recommend a complex of Mikocin.

I recommend the complex Mikocin my patients for the fact that it simultaneously restores the skin and nails, while destroying the fungus from the inside.

In te base of Mysocin complex are only natural components.

Mikocin tablets

  • Extract Propolis

    Inhibits the development of bacteria and kills all kinds of fungal infections

  • Extract Echinacea

    Absorbs and destroys infectious causative agents, accelerates wound healing, increases the overall immunity of the body

  • Extract Thymus

    Restores nails and strengthens them, revitalizes the skin, creates a harmful environment for bacteria

  • Extract Salvia

    Normalizes skin condition, heals wounds and irritations caused by the fungus

Mikocin gel

  • Extract Melaleuca

    Penetrates deep into the skin and nail plate, eliminating the source of fungal infection

  • Hydrastis

    Effectively resists infections, stops the reproduction of the fungus and destroys its cells

  • Extract Juglans nigra

    Soothes skin irritation and itching, disinfects

  • Extract Oríganum

    It has wound healing properties, accelerates the recovery of skin cells

Due to the natural origin of the components, the complex Mikocin supports the whole body work, strengthening local and general immunity. The ingredients of the gel and tablets greatly enhance the effect of each other. The fungus goes away quickly and irrevocably.

Get rid of the fungus
using the complex Mikocin-EASY!


  • Take 1 tablet
    in the morning and evening
  • Drink tablets
    with a glass of water


  • Apply the gel to the affected area of the skin
  • Repeat twice a day

Repeat the procedure daily and your feet will be healthy!

More than 13,000 Lebanese already got rid of the fungus
with the help of Mikocin complex

Here are the reviews of some of them:

Abbas, Beyrut

The fungus has passed and is not returning

I work as a Manager-consultant in the store and spend all day on my feet. Fungus appeared in the summer when it was hot. The feet began to itch, and then the nails on the big toes began to crumble. And that disgusting smell! The doctor prescribed me pills, but I read the side effects - refused to drink them. Bought complex Mikocin. Instructions strictly adhered to. Never missed taking tablets and constantly rubbed the legs with gel. The next day, as I began to be treated, the smell was gone and my feet stopped itching! And after a full course the fungus disappeared altogether. Feet are healthy, nails are strong! I am very pleased that I was cured so quickly.

Basir, Tripoli

My feet stopped itching in two hours!

This complex changed my life. I have foot problems started from the army. There was fungus on my nails and my feet itched terribly. Sometimes I scratched my legs until the blood. The nails were in a terrible state. I cut them down-the pain was terrible. About complex Mikacin said my manicurist friend . As I understood, can be ordered either gel or tablets, and can be all together. I decided to take a complex to myself. And I don't regret at all. It's simple-I treate my feet with gel and they stop itching and smelling, and the tablets enhance this effect and the fungus on the nails begins to slowly pass. During a course I got rid of the fungus, that I couldn't get rid of it with other remedies for years. I recommend it to all my friends.

Gadir, Tyre

I enjoy healthy feet every day

I was too shy to take my shoes off on a visit . Even in summer I had to walk in closed shoes, in order not to show my creepy nails with fungus. Tried traditional methods, vinegar baths, refined my shoes both with vinegar and special means . Nails cut down much. Nothing worked. I saw the advertisement of the complex Mikocin and decided to try it... my nails are beautiful and healthy now. They grew quickly, the skin on the feet is clean and smooth, no irritation, nothing is itching! The best remedy for me! Every day I thank the creators of Mikocin! But the delivery was disappointing. Delivery was long, although our post office may not work well.

Zafira, Akkar

Cured from fungus her husband and father

In our family all men had fungus. I have bought them different creams and tablets but nothing helped. And the sight was disgusting. At some point I didn't allow my husband to go to bed with his terrible legs. My close friend told me about the complex Mikocin. She cured her husband from the fungus with it. I bought two sets and made them to drink these pills and to use the gel every day. My husband bruoght back his feet to normal state for 23 days! Dad was treated a little longer - about a month. Now both are happy. There is no smell of feet in the house any more, they do not scratch feet even when I don't look :)). I then thought about it and took for myself a complex for prevention.

Idris, Hasbaya

Quickly get rid of the fungus - only complex

Three times a week I'm training in the pool to keep in shape. Now, the form retained, but picked up a fungus , though always I walk in sneakers. I noticed that the nails began to crumble and somehow darkened. I talked with friends from pool, one advised the gel Mikocin. Said he got rid of the fungus in a month and often smears for prevention. I read about this gel at home. In general, you can just buy a gel, and you can buy the whole complex - there are both tablets and gel. Well, I bought complex and got rid of the fungus in 20 days! Nails are strong and feet are smooth. No irritation! So, it is better once to use the whole complex, In order to get rid of fungus faster. But the scars gel didn't remove at all. I have a scar on my leg, I thought it would help, but no.

Malik, Zgharta

Could save the nails

My situation was really critical. About a year I didn't pay attention to the fungus on my feet. Sometimes I cut down the nails for taking shoes. As a result, my legs brought to a terrible state. The fungus spread to the other fingers, the foot was very much cracked, itched constantly between the fingers and there were irritations. I went to the doctor. He said that it's the end- the nail on one big finger had to be removed after three months. And said that the last chance is a complex Mikocin - tablets and gel. I was afraid that it would not help, but it turned out that I was nervous in vain. Mikocin saved me all the nails and feet are cured! The treatment took 1 month! So mad at myself that there was so much trouble, and I could have dealt with the fungus a long time ago.

Mansur, Sidon

The most pleasant and quick treatment

I always have feet problem in autumn: each year, the fungus appears. Well, I take pills and vinegar refine my feet and shoes with vinegar, make special baths. And I'm really tired of doing it! On the forum I read about new cure against fungus – Mikocin. It's gel and tablets. That heals quickly and well. So I ordered. The first effect, which I sensed- itching and smells have passed. Then it was better. Within 4 weeks the fungus was gone! The only thing-had to wait a long time for the operator to call, about an hour. Anyway I recommend.

Habib, Bsharri

I can work well again

I work as a courier in a bookstore, so all day I run around the city and in the rain, and in the snow, and in the heat. I got my feet wet once. Started to snot, and then a fungus on feet emerged. Sore is very unpleasant. At home I didn't want to take off my shoes in front of my wife. I used creams, but no result. And then the fungus moved on another finger. Well, I had to go to the doctor.The doctor examined me and offered a complex of Mikocin to try. She said it was inexpensive, but it treated well. So, I tried. Pills and gel, every day - all as need to. For a month everything went. Nails began to grow slowly-healthy, feet are also in order. I recommend it. Good complex.

Gafur, Chouf

Cured fungus

I love fishing very much. And just because of it picked up a fungus-damp, dirt. Frequent illness. My feet began to itch, a rash appeared between my toes. Well, I asked my daughter to find me a cure, as she sits in front of computer all the time. Would find me some cream-the benefits would be from the computer. And she found. The pills and the gel - complex Mikocin. Began to smear the feet and to drink and slowly the fungus started to go away. I was glad! I advised my friends. Previously I cut down a nail, and now just the pills and the gel.

Dua, Rashaya

Chidren are safe!

My whole family picked up a fungus on the beach, and then it started. Listened to mother-in-law and treated all by folk remedies. Nothing worked. Then I tried a special cream- no result. Called a friend pharmacist, he told me about the complex Mikocin. I ordered 4 packs at once, for everyone, and we began to be cured. Feels good. The gel soothed itching and irritation on the skin and between the toes. The pills also soon gave the effect and after about a week and a half the fungus began to disappear. But we still went through the whole course to be sure to get rid of the infection. Recommend it to everyone.

There is a fast delivery of Mikocin without prepayment

  • №1 for getting rid
    from any type of fungus.

  • Recommended
    by dermatologists

  • 13000+ satisfied
    clients at 2018

Complex removal of fungus — inside and outside

  • 2in1

    Mikocin complex removes itch, smell and returns to legs their elastic view

  • 1

    Mikocin tablets destroy all types of fungus on nails and skin

  • 2

    Mikocin gel recovers skin and creates on it a protective barrier

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12 packs
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